Twins Connection was founded by twin sisters Cata & Nata. They see
it as the best way of sharing their passion in design.

As Industrial Designers, they believe it is important to keep learning
from new disciplines, different points of views and cultures

New Zealand is where they decided to delve into the Fashion Design world,
as they have always been interested in the approach and what it has to 

Therefore, Fashion Design became a fundamental aspect of Twins Connection and where their passion lies

It is this passion and thirst for knowledge which lead Nata to Milan, in 2019.

 Here she attended IED, one of the most prestigious Fashion Design Schools
 in the world. She gained invaluable experience and Fashion Marketing expertise. 

On her return to New Zealand) she continued developing their image and making the brand a success.
In 2018, Cata brought all her passion for knitting into Twins connection creating our current knitwear area, in 2019 she became a mom and it was in that moment in her life that she designed three different collections inspiring in New Zealand Land scape, those collection were call Forest, Space and Ocean

She designed these collection inspired in every new parents, that they love to see their babies wearing a stylish soft and comfortable booties and bonnets made with 100% of cotton.
In 2020, their younger sister Javi, joined the fold.
As a Graphic Designer by trade, she brings all her talent and creativity in incorporating a new brand, called ‘Javiearrings’.
Currently, Nata is working on a new area and we can’t wait to see it.
We invite you to be part of our Design journey.